Friend of Ducks

Shortly after 9/11 I began to draw ducks. I've been doing so ever since. These are my drawings.

Virtual Writing Group + James Baldwin + Jewelle Gomez= Happy Saturday!

Hey everyone.  Just decided to start this in case you want writer buddies.  Today I’m writing for 2 hours 10am-12pm (PST).  Then heading to work.  Trying to carve away a little time each day to forge through my novel—no matter what else is going on.  Here are the things I’m NOT doing before writing: the dishes, fighting a parking ticket, or calling T-Mobile. Write with me or find a different two hours to work today!  Good luck! & if you get a chance go see Jewelle Gomez’s play Waiting for Giovanni about James Baldwin please do before it closes.

Three new paintings!

Hot dogs that I loved

Hot dogs that I loved